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BssEditor Shortcuts


Abort long running operation [Escape]
Undo last modification [Control][Z]
Redo previously undone modification [Control][Z]
Open new file [Control][N]
Open file [Control][O]
Close file [Control][W]
Save file [Control][S]
Save a copy [Control][Shift][S]

Windows and Tab control

Open a new tab with current file [Control][F1]
Reopen all windows of workspace [Control][Shift][F1]
Seek window with open file [Alt][F1]
Seek tab with open file [Alt][Shift][F1]
Open a new window with current tab [Control][F2]
Move current tab to next window [Control][Shift][F2]
Show windows overview [Alt][F2]
Switch to left tab [Control][F3]
Switch to right tab [Control][F4]
Move tab left [Control][Shift][F3]
Move tab right [Control][Shift][F4]
Close tab [Alt][F3]
Close window [Alt][F4]


scroll window one line up [Alt][Up]
scroll window one line down [Alt][Down]
scroll window one page up [Alt][PageUp]
scroll window one page down [Alt][PageDown]
scroll window one char right [Alt][Right]
scroll window one char left [Alt][Left]
scroll window one screen right [Alt][Shift][Right]
scroll window one screen left [Alt][Shift][Left]

Bookmarks and Navigation

Jump to bookmark 0-9 [Control][0-9]
Set bookmark 0-9 [Control][Shift][0-9]
Jump to bookmark A-Z [Control][B] + [A-Z]
Set bookmark A-Z [Control][Shift][B] + [A-Z]
Open bookmark dialog [Control][B] + [Space]
Set unnamed bookmark [Control][Shift][B] + [Space]
Jump to position in file [Control][J]
Jump to begin of file [Control][Home]
Jump to end of file [Control][End]
Jump to begin of selection [Control][Alt][Home]
Jump to end of selection [Control][Alt][End]


Selection with caret movement [...][Shift][...]
Selection all [Control][A]
Set selection marker [Control][Enter]
Toggle selection mode Column/Region [Control][Shift][Enter]
Copy selection to clipboard [Control][C]
Cut selection into clipboard [Control][X]
Delete selection [Control][Delete]
Convert seleced text to lower-case [Control][U]
Convert seleced text to upper-case [Control][Shift][U]


Narrow view to selection [Control][L] + [N]
Widen view [Control][L] + [W]
Recount line number [Control][L] + [L]


Delete word [Control][Shift][Delete]
Delete word backwards [Control][Shift][Backspace]
Delete line [Control][D] + [L]
Delete duplicate line [Control][D] + [D]
Delete whitespaces [Control][D] + [W]
Delete tail of line [Control][D] + [T]
Insert clipboard [Control][V]
Insert special character [Control][I] + [C] + [key]
Insert file [Control][I] + [F]
Insert register [Control][I] + [R] + [0-9]

Search and Replace

Show Search dialog [Control][F]
Repeat recent search forwards [F5]
Repeat recent search backwards [Shift][F5]
Show Replace dialog [Control][H]
Replace and search forwards [F6]
Replace and search backwards [Shift][F6]


Play macro [Control][M] + [key or Space]
Capture macro [Control][Shift][M] + [key or Space]
Repeat next command [Control][Alt][M]


Store caret position [Control][R] + [P] + [0-9]
Returt caret to position [Control][R] + [R] + [0-9]
Store selected text [Control][R] + [S] + [0-9]
Clear register [Control][R] + [C] + [0-9]
Increment register [Control][R] + [I] + [0-9]
Decrement register [Control][R] + [D] + [0-9]

Advanced commands

Sort lines [Control][E] + [S]
Remove all matching lines [Control][E] + [M]
Remove all duplicate lines [Control][E] + [D]

External tools

Configure tools [Control][Shift][T]
Apply tool [Control][T]+[key or Space]